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Our History

The Ann Arrundell County Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 1962 by nine members of the local community dedicated to preserving and promoting the county’s historical resources. These charter members were: James and Mary Calvert, Marshall and Gladys Nelker, John and Charlotte Wich, Reaney and Frances Kelly, and Marie Angel Durner. At first, the Society’s library and archival holdings were small enough to be held in a closet in its first headquarters building: the old B&A Power Station Building in Severna Park, Maryland. The Society restored the structure and initially used it as a museum. Today, the building houses the Shoppe at Jones Station.

In 1976, AACHS acquired the Benson-Hammond House at Aviation Blvd. and Andover Rd. in Linthicum, the only historic farmhouse not torn down to make way for the construction of BWI Airport. The Society entered into a long-term lease with the Maryland Department of Transportation to restore and operate the house as a museum dedicated to the history of truck farming in Northern Anne Arundel County. After five years of re-construction the house was ready to entertain visitors in May, 1981. The library was moved from the Severna Park Building to the Benson-Hammond House and the Society entered into an agreement with the Anne Arundel Genealogical Society to merge the two collections, a partnership that continues to this day.

In October of 1991, the Anne Arundel County Public Library closed its branch at the Kuethe Library in Glen Burnie. By agreement with the Kuethe Library Board of Trustees, the Historical Society was given occupancy of the building, the collections of AACHS and AAGS were moved in, and the Historical and Genealogical Research Center was opened.

In 2012, The Ann Arrundell County Historical Society celebrated its 50th Anniversary. From a small group of six individuals meeting in each other’s living rooms, the Society has grown and prospered for over six decades through the efforts of its dedicated staff of volunteers. Join us to help collect, preserve and share the rich history of Anne Arundel County.

Executive Team

AACHS Officers


President Steve Hammond
Corresponding Secretary Lillian Markus
Treasurer Becky Morris

Board of Directors

Jan Sharik Baker Michele Machande
Veronica Hobbs Ben Wisthoff
Jackie Jackson Jack Wisthoff